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Release 2020.01.28

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec)
Screen Recorder (miarec_screen)
Windows installer

New features:

  • Add support of Cisco Network-based recording off the CUBE.

Minor changes:

  • [Windows installer] Update the embedded Apache web server to the latest version v.2.4.41
  • [SIPREC, CiscoBiB] Logging of SIP signaling packets is disabled by default. It can be enabled under Administration -> System -> Recording Interfaces -> SIPREC or Cisco BiB. This feature was introduced in v. (June 2019). It is useful for troubleshooting purposes and for customers with specific needs of extracting metadata from SIPREC message. For most of customers, this feature can be disabled to save disk space. A single call recording usually requires 3KB space in database. With SIP signaling enabled, the disk space requirements are increased up to 10KB per call, which may be undesirable on big volumes.

Fix issues:

  • [Recorder] Fix a memory leak if the feature that logs SIP signaling packets. This memory leak existed in versions (June 2019) and (August 2019) of the recorder component. All customers, who use the mentioned product versions, must update to the latest version to avoid a potential crash of application due to memory leak. It leaks approximately 5KB per each recorded call.
  • [Recorder, Screen Recorder] Fix a potential issue with application crash under high load and when a connection to redis is lost (for example due to redis service is restarted). Chances of such crash are quite rare.
  • [Recorder, Screen Recorder] Restore a support of TLS 1.2 for SIPREC recording interface and screen recording client-to-server communication. In the previous version, (miarec recorder) and (miarec_screen recorder), only TLS 1.1 was supported.
  • [SIP passive] Add a workaround to non-standard call scenarios in Cisco environment, when "Remote-Party-ID" header has invalid values. This issue may result in recordings that have the same phone number on both "From" and "To" sides.
  • Fix licensing issue under certain conditions. For example, when the administrator, who creates user profiles, doesn't have the permission to edit "Recording Settings". Such newly created user remains unlicensed until "Recording Settings" are set to "Always" by another administrator.