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Release 2019.06.03

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec)
Windows installer not released yet

New features:

  • Add support of advanced search via REST API
  • Significantly improve performance of streaming large media files, particularly screen recordings.
  • Store the processed SIP signaling packets in DB for troubleshooting and post-processing, like extracting SIP headers into custom fields. The signaling packets are shown in "Full call details" page.

Store the processed SIP signaling packets

  • Add "Extract signaling packet value" job (menu Administration -> Auto Actions), which is used to extract the values from the SIP signaling packets into custom fields. For example, with Oracle SBC, it is possible to add custom headers into XML metadata of SIPREC INVITE. MiaRec can extract those headers.

Minor changes:

  • Hide "UNDO List" menu from "All tenants admin" and "Selected tenants admin" roles. Only system administrator can see this list
  • Output "tenant_id" for user records in REST API
  • Show column "Confidential" in the Recordings page
  • Add ability to search by "Confidential Flag" in the Advanced search
  • Add 'max_total_calc' to REST API /calls.json to help with calculating a number of remaining calls.
  • Do not show "Change password" menu item when user is configured with Single Sign-On authentication type, like LDAP or Broadworks/Metaswitch commportal
  • Display users in alphabetical order on "Calls by User" page