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Review Automatic Scores

To review the automatic score for an interaction, open the report details.

In the report, you will be able to see what conditions were matched and at what location in a transcript.

For example, in the following screenshot, the second question Did the agent mention his/her name? is matched because the agent said this is Tom Braxton at the beginning of the call.

Review matched conditions

Override score

In some situations, the machine score may be incorrect, for example, when a speaker was using a vocabulary that was not expected by the designer of the scorecard.

In such a case, a reviewer can override the machine score by clicking Edit Report button and selecting Override option for the corresponding question.

Override question

After the report is saved, the score is automatically recalculated.

The questions that are overridden are marked with the star icon and the message Score is overridden by ... (original score: ...).

Override question