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Custom field attributes

Example of JSON representation:

    "custom_field": {
      "field_id": "f07ca4b0-51b0-11ee-a424-0015172d2a7d",
      "enable": true,
      "tenant_id": "9079d60a-5192-11ee-aa89-0015172d2a7d",
      "name": "Call type",
      "is_global": false,
      "description": "Type of the call, like "Sales, Collection, etc.",
      "type": "option",
      "display_as": "default",
      "str_max_len": 64,
      "editable": true,
      "search_options": [
      "options": [
        "Collection call",
        "Sales call"
      "ai_assist": false
field_id (UUID, read-only)

Unique ID of custom field assigned by MiaRec application when a custom field is created. Read-only.

This field is returned in GET request only. It is ignored in PUT and POST requests.

tenant_id (UUID, optional)

ID of the parent tenant's object. This field is available only when all the following conditions are true:

  • Multi-tenancy is enabled in the MiaRec application,
  • The REST API user belongs to the System tenant,
  • The REST API user has permissions to view the corresponding tenant, and
  • The custom field is not global.

If REST API user is a tenant user, and such a user creates a new custom field, then user's tenant_id is implicitely used as the custom field's tenant_id.

If a custom field is global, then tenant_id is null.

name (string, required, maximum 64 characters)

Name of the custom field

description (string, optional, maximum 4096 characters)

Human-friendly description of the field

enable (bool, required)

A boolean flag to enable the custom field. If a custom field is disabled, end users will not be able to view, search or edit the custom fiel values.

is_global (bool, optional)

A boolean flag to make the custom field visible to all tenants. This flag is ignored unless the following conditions are true:

  • Multi-tenancy is enabled in the MiaRec application,
  • The REST API user belongs to System tenant, and
  • The REST API user has access scope Unrestricted or System.

Tenant users cannot create global custom fields.

type (string, required)

A type of field, available options:

  • string: A free-text value. In UI, users will be able to enter any text into this field.
  • date: A date value, for example, shipping date. In UI, users will be able to choose a valid date for this field.
  • option: A categorical value (see attribute options below). In UI, users must choose a value from a list of pre-defined options.
options (list of strings, optional)

A list of options for custom field of type option. The options must be pre-programmed by administrator ahead of time. Each option is a string up to 256 characters.


    "custom_field": {
        "name": "Call type",
        "type": "option",
        "options": [
            "Sales call",
            "Technical support call",
display_as (string, optional)

A display widget for the custom field.

Permitted values:

  • default: Use a default display widget depending on the field type.
  • label: Display as a label
  • multiline: Display as a multi-line field. Normally used for long texts, for a call summary.
str_max_len (number, optional)

A maximum text length (up to 8096 characters). Applicable to field type string only.

editable (bool, optional)

Allow authorized users to edit values of this field via UI or REST API. Users must have permission Edit for the correspoding call record.

search_options (set of strings, optional)

Allow users to use this custom field in search of call records.

Allowed options (any combination):

  • advanced: Users can use this custom field in Advanced Search of call records.
  • free_text: Application searches in this field's values when users are searching a text in Basic Search input. Not recommended as it affects peformance of basic search.


    "custom_field": {
        "name": "Ordered product",
        "type": "string",
        "search_options": [
ai_assist (bool, optional)

Allow administrators to populate values of this field with AI Assistant job. When enabled, such a field will be available for selection in AI Assist jobs (requires voice analytics license).