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Configure Users

MiaRec supports multi-tenant configuration. Multiple tenant accounts may have own set of users, groups, roles, and extensions. Tenant users have access to data only within boundaries of own tenant account. Tenant's data is isolated from each other.

MiaRec provides self-service capability to tenants. For example, tenant administrator may reset own users’ passwords, modify role permissions, move existing user into another group, etc.

MiaRec multi-tenancy

3.3.1 Add new tenant

In MiaRec web portal, navigate to Administration -> User Management -> Tenants, * and click *Add tenant.

Add Tenant

Once a tenant account is created, you can add Extensions, Users, Groups and Roles to it.

3.3.2 Add extensions to tenant

Open the extensions tab on a newly created tenant’s profile page and click Add Extension or Add range.

Add Extensions

Extension in MiaRec is a "phone number", "phone name" and/or "broadworks user id". It is recommended to use a broadworks user ids as extension in MiaRec software. This will allow you to change easily user’s phone number without necessity to modify MiaRec configuration.

Add Extensions Form

3.3.3 Add role

Each user in MiaRec system should be assigned a role. The role defines what system resources are accessible by the user and what operations are permitted on these resources.

Create at least one role for the tenant (for example, “User role”). Navigate to the tenant’s profile page and click the Add role button.

Add Role

3.3.4 Add group

Create at least one group for each tenant. Navigate to the tenant’s profile page and click the Add group button to accomplish this.

3.3.5 Add new user

Navigate to the tenant’s profile page and click Add user.

On the user’s profile page, you can specify recording settings (like “record always”, “record on-demand only” or “never record”) as well as web-access settings (login and password).

Add User