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The typical contact center collects and stores a vast amount of data in the form of customer interactions. It is widely recognized that these customer interactions, contain information about the root causes of key business issues. Designed to deliver valuable intelligence that business users readily understand and use, MiaRec Speech Analytics can help reveal the cause/effect relationships that underlie performance and business outcomes across the enterprise, without the complexity usually associated with advanced analytical technologies.

By revealing both what is happening and why, Speech Analytics helps equip organizations to make better-informed decisions, maximize strengths, address deficiencies, and make the most of market perceptions and opportunities. For instance, mining information from contact center calls using Speech Analytics, can be an early warning system, before an issue escalates to negative social media.

The goal is to analyze information that can help a company improve customer service, get reactions to new products or policies, and so on. That is, Speech Analytics can help companies turn thousands of calls into actionable data.

The MiaRec application uses speech-to-text technologies to transcribe recorded customer interactions and to transform them into a searchable database. It helps organizations enhance customer retention and satisfaction, increase first call resolution and improve sales and self service effectiveness.

The Speech Analytics application automatically prioritizes transcribed interactions based on specific business issues relevant to your contact center. The Speech Analytics application then enables you to access the transcribed contacts for playback, enabling you to hear the context in which the words were said and thus identify issues critical to your business needs.

With Speech Analytics you can:

  • Gain insight from recorded calls to help you improve products, processes, competitive advantage, and the overall customer experience.
  • Use advanced search capabilities to research any hypothesis and quickly receive a prioritized list of results out of millions of calls.
  • Surface trends that might otherwise go undetected without listening to thousands of calls.