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Create MiaRec IP Phone Service

Open Cisco Unified Communications Manager administration web portal.

  1. Select the Device - Device Settings - Phone Services menu item.
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Type in the Service Name: MiaRec (you may use different name here)
  4. Type in the Service Description: MiaRec Phone Service
  5. Type in the Service URL:

    Replace with your MiaRec server ip-address. This URL should point to MiaRec web portal. If the web portal is running on port different from the default 80, then include port into URL, like It is recommended to use direct ip-address instead of domain name because name resolution may not work from within Cisco IP phone.

    Alternatively, you can use the following URLs, which allow to control recording in one-click:

    URL Description Enable recording in one-click Disable recording in one-click Pause recording in one-click Resume recording in one-click
    6. Check Enable option.
    7. Save it.

See the screenshot below for details.

Create MiaRec IP Phone Service