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5. Verify MiaRec operation

Verify MiaRec operation

Use web browser to access MiaRec web portal. Navigate to Administration -> Maintenance -> System Log to check the errors.

Configure appropriate recording interface in Administration -> System -> Recording Interfaces and make a few test calls. Verify that calls are recorded.

It is recommended to reboot the target machine and verify all services are up and running after system reboot.

shutdown -r now
  • PostgreSQL database:

    service postgresql-9.5 status
    * Redis cache (use ping command. It should print PONG if success):

    /opt/redis/bin/redis-cli ping
    * Apache web server

    service httpd status
    * Celery task manager

    Centos 6 (init.d):

    service celeryd status

    Centos 7 (SystemD):

    systemctl status celeryd
    * Celery beat scheduler

    service celerybeat status
    * MiaRec recorder

    Centos 6 (Upstart):

    initctl status miarec

    Centos 7 (SystemD):

    systemctl status miarec
    * MiaRec scree recorder

    Centos 6 (Upstart):

    initctl status miarec_screen

    Centos 7 (SystemD):

    systemctl status miarec_screen