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About QA Dashboard

Once the call recordings have been evaluated, you can check evaluation results by navigating to the QA dashboard.

The QA dashboard is an intuitive visual reporting tool that provides useful statistics, such as an average, minimum and maximum agent's score for the given period, total evaluations for a specific group or agent, etc., This allows customer service managers and teams to monitor and optimize performance and spot emerging trends in a central location.

QA Dashboard

Key features of the QA dashboard:

  • A dynamic view of the total number of evaluated recordings, the average score calculated, evaluation forms being used, and more.
  • The drill-down analytics capability allows you to instantly shift from an overview of data to a more detailed and granular view within the same dataset they are analyzing by navigating to a group/user level.
  • Comparing metrics over time to instantly measure changes by highlighting differences between two identical timeframes.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab displays the summary chart with the evaluation performance and provides information about the total number of evaluated recordings, evaluation forms used, and average score calculated.

You can view the number of evaluations per day within the chart by hovering the cursor over a point on the graph.

Overview Tab

To view evaluation data based on a specific evaluation form used, click the form name at the bottom.

Evaluation Form Evaluation Form

Evaluations Tab

The Evaluations tab lists all evaluation reports being used for a specific group or user. You can open the most recent evaluation report by clicking the View button next to the report.

Evaluations Tab Evaluations Tab