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03. Add Server Configuration Profile

To define the MiaRec recording server, navigate to Global Profiles -> Server Configuration in the main menu on the left hand side. Click on Add and enter an appropriate name in the pop-up menu.

Server Configuration

Click Next and enter details in the dialog box:

  • In the Server Type drop down menu, select Recording Server.
  • Click on Add to enter an IP address
  • In the IP Addresses / FQDN box, type the MiaRec recording server interface address.
  • In the Port box, enter the port to be used for the listening port configured on the MiaRec (TLS or TCP). This guide describes TCP transport configuration.
  • In the Transport drop down menu, select TCP.

Enter Details

Click Next to configure Hearbeat as follows:

  • Enable Heartbeat with method OPTIONS

Enable Heartbeat

Click Next to configure Grooming as follows:

  • Enable Grooming which allows us to support multiple connections.
  • No interworking profile required for MiaRec
  • If using TLS, then select the Client profile created (note, the configuration of TLS profile is not covered in this guide)

Grooming Configuration

Click Finish.