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Configuring LDAP integration

MiaRec supports LDAP (Active Directory) integration to accomplish two tasks:

  • LDAP authentication
  • LDAP user synchronization

LDAP authentication

Navigate to Administration -> System Configuration -> LDAP Integration to configure LDAP autentication.

LDAP Authentication

How it works

When user tries to login to MiaRec web portal, his/her login and password is verified on LDAP server. If login and password are accepted by LDAP server, then user is allowed to login to MiaRec web portal.

Such feature allows to manage users' passwords in one location only (on your LDAP server). MiaRec doesn't store user's passwords in own database in this scenario. If user's password is changed in LDAP server, then MiaRec will automatically accept such new password during login phase. Also, when user account is removed/deactivated in LDAP server, then such user will not be able to login to MiaRec web-portal too.

Please, note, MiaRec doesn't accept automatically login from any LDAP user in your system. It is required that user account has been previously created in MiaRec and appropriate access permissions have been granted to user. On user's profile page administrator may specify whether user's password should be stored locally (in encrypted one-way hash form) or LDAP authentication is enabled for such user.

LDAP user synchronization

When LDAP user synchronization is enabled, then MiaRec will automatically scan LDAP directory for new user accounts and create MiaRec users.

LDAP User Synchronization

How it works

First you need to create LDAP user synchronization job. This job may be started manually or by schedule (for example, every night).

If MiaRec detects new user account in LDAP server, then during synchronization the same account will be created in MiaRec. This newly created user will be added into pre-configured default user group and a default role will be assigned to user.

If LDAP database contains phone number for users, then such phone number will be automatically added as an extension to user.

When phone number is updated in LDAP server, then during synchronization such change will be applied to MiaRec user record also. For, example, when phone number in LDAP server is moved from one user to another, then MiaRec will move corresponding extension to new user too.

When phone number is removed from LDAP user account, but the same phone number is not assigned to any other users, then MiaRec will do nothing during synchronization. The extension will not be removed from user account. This is by design. It allows you to add extensions to MiaRec users manually on his/her profile page, and such manually created extensions will not be removed during synchronization if your LDAP server is missing phone number info.