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Release 2019.05.06

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec) (not updated)
Windows installer not released yet

New features

  • Add support of notification by email about job execution, either successful or failed:

Notification by email

Note, it is necessary to configure "Web portal URL" under menu Administration -> System -> Advanced Settings, otherwise the URL links to job details in the email will be invalid.

  • Display icon in the call list when transcription is available

Display icon in the call list when transcription is available

  • Display icon in the call list when evaluation report is available

Display icon in the call list when evaluation report is available

  • Add ability to display Evaluation Report Score/Status/Count columns in the call list

Display Evaluation Report Columns

  • Add ability to search by Evaluation Report Score/Status/Count values

Search by Evaluation Report Score

Minor changes

  • Improve logging in the replication job. The to-be-processed file is written to log file before an attempt to process it rather than after processing it. It helps in troubleshooting.
  • Display 'Screen recordings clients' in the audit trail search/filters

Display 'Screen recordings clients'

  • Improve robustness of "audio convert" job. When job is interrupted ungracefully, on the next job run the application detects that the file doesn't exist on source location, but exists on destination location, it gracefully assumes that the file has been already converted and updates the file path in DB
  • Improve replication process when dealing with large audio files. Previously, a whole file was loaded into memory and was sent in a single HTTP POST request to the destination instance. This may cause out-of-memory issue (crash) when files are huge, for example when a multi-hour conference call is recorded in uncompressed WAV format. In this release, files are uploaded in relatively small chunks of bytes (5MB per request by default).

    File chunk size configuration option:

File chunk size configuration option

  • Improve layout of job configuration form. The generic job settings (the same for all types of job) are displayed in a separate section "Job Advanced Settings" for better UX.

Job configuration form

  • Improve file relocation / data export performance/robustness. A partial file upload prevention mechanism has been improved to reduce bandwidth consumption for upload/download
  • Display user's extensions in User search dropdown window for easy locating of user by extension

Display user's extensions in User search

  • [Multi-tenant version] Display admin menu Administration -> User Management -> System to quickly access "System" tenant for better UX

    System is a special tenant. Users in System tenant account can access other tenant's data. Now, the System account is easily accessible in a dedicated menu item

System account

  • Display "The search operation takes too long to complete. Try to narrow the search" instead of "504 Gateway Time-Out" error.

    This error message may be displayed when loading a list of searched recordings is slow due to (i) DB is huge, (ii) the search operation uses sequence scan instead of index or (iii) Disk I/O is low

Fix issues

  • Fix issue with pagination of Evaluation reports when agents belong to multiple groups. A total number of available reports was incorrect.
  • Fix issue with displaying Evaluation reports when a whole section is marked N/A, but some questions are left unanswered within the section. Calculation of the score was correct, but the report's status was shown a "In progress" instead of "Completed".
  • Fix issue with Amazon S3 storage target when HTTP Proxy is used and password uses reserved characters "#", "[" or "]". In new release, these characters are allowed to use for the HTTP Proxy password.
  • Fix issue with importing recordings from MiaRec CSV files. The issue was introduced in Release 2018.08.31