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List and search clients

List all groups:

GET /api/v2/clients.json

Example of response:

    "next_url": null,
    "clients": [{
        “client_id”:          “b74e35b0-b6e3-11e8-b938-e03f497dbdff”,
        “tenant_id”:         “156340bf-8b47-21e4-95a4-e03f497dbd44”,
        “name”:              “MiaRec”,
        "contacts": [{
            "phone_number": "+14085800150",
            "name": "Main number"
        }, {
            "phone_number": "+14085800105",
            "name": "Fax"
        “client_id”:          “ccb5957a-b6e5-11e8-b66b-e03f497dbdff”,
        “tenant_id”:         “156340bf-8b47-21e4-95a4-e03f497dbd44”,
        “name”:              “Contoso”,
        "contacts": [{
            "phone_number": "1234567890",
            "name": null

See also Paging through collections

Search clients:

  • Search by client name, contact name, contact phone number and tenant name (in multi-tenant version)

    GET /api/v2/clients.json?search_term=Contoso
  • Search by tenant id

    GET /api/v2/clients.json?tenant_id=2bfcefd4-f41d-11e4-983d-e03f497dbdff
  • Search by multiple parameters (tenant_id + search_term)

    GET /api/v2/clients.json?tenant_id=2bfcefd4-f41d-11e4-983d-e03f497dbdff&search_term=Contoso