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06. Define Media Rules

Audio formats need to be specified for MiaRec. To create a Media Rule for MiaRec, navigate to Domain Policies -> Media Rules. Click Add and enter an appropriate name in the pop-up menu and click Next.

Add Media Rules

In the Media Rule pop-up, under Audio Encryption, select a Preferred Format #1 and select continue. If using, SRTP select SRTP_AES_CM_128_128_HMAC_SHA1_80 or for RTP select RTP (it is recommended to use SRTP when TLS is enabled as well. Otherwise, use RTP), select Next.

Media Rules Dialog

In the Media Rule pop-up, under the Audio Codec section, select box for Codec Prioritization. For Preferred Codecs select PCMU, PCMA and telephone-event, and click >.

Media Rules Dialog

Click Next and Finish to save the configuration (not shown).