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Release 2023-09-05

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec) (not updated)
Screen recorded (miarec_screen) (not updated)
Live Monitoring (miarec_livemon) (not updated)
Windows installer pending
Screen capture client (not updated)

New features

Add Generative AI to MiaRec Speech Analytics portfolio

This revolutinary AI technology opens new posibilities for call centers, like:

  • Create a summary of calls
  • Extract factual information from conversations, like caller's name, telephone number, payment status
  • Categorize calls into different categories
  • Evaluate agents using human-friendly questionnaire
  • Identify a sentiment of the conversation

A few examples are demonstrated below:

Automatic agent evaluation (Auto QA) with human-friendly questions

Auto QA with Generative AI

Customizable call summary

Call summary with Generative AI

Extract information into custom fields

Extract information with Generative AI

Free-form questions

Generative AI Playground

Generative AI Playground

Minor changes

Add ability to download transcript as a TXT file

Download Transcript button

In Call Details report, return a list of topics without the occurance counters

Call Details report with Topics, no counters