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Release 2022-02-11

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec)
Screen recorded (miarec_screen)
Windows installer
Screen capture client

New features

"Pause Recording Timeout" setting

With such a setting, a recording is automatically resumed if user doesn't do that manually within the specified period of time.

This setting is available on global level (under Administration > System > Recording Rules) as well as on tenant level (under Administration > User Management > Tenants > Tenant profile).

Pause Recording Timeout

Pause/resume of screen capture

Screen capture is paused and resumed in sync with audio call recording. A picture is blacked out.

Pause/resume recording event initiated via Broadworks is passed to screen recorder

When the user pauses a recording via Broadworks (using Feature Access Code, softkey button on supported phones or via application), an audio is automatically muted by Broadworks. MiaRec application detects such change to audio transmission and passed a "pause" command to a screen recorder.

Minor changes

"Look-back on-demand recording" setting to tenant profile

Previously, such a setting was a global only (under Administration > System > Recording Rules).

Look-back on-demand recording

"Verify it's you" dialog is shown when administrator is impersonating other user

This adds an additional level of security to such a critical function.

User must enter a verification code tha is being sent to him/her via SMS or email (if applicable). If none of these verifications methods are enabled, then user must re-enter a password.

Verify Dialog

User who are authenticated with SAML 2.0 can pass "Verify it's you" verification now

A verification is required when user is accesing critical settings, like configuring 2FA, changing email, etc.

"User screen recording settings" permission

Now, administrators can be granted permission to view/edit screen recording login of others users in their tenant account.

User screen recording settings

"Screen recording settings" permission

Now, tenant administrators can be granted permission to view/reset their tenant's screen recording token.

Screen recording settings

Fixed issues

Fixed the issue with a download of files thare are located in S3 bucket

A file was opened by web browser in built-in audio player rather than in Save As... dialog.

Minor fixes to screen media player in Web UI

We improved a video player behaviour in some corner cases.