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User object fields

Example of JSON-formatted user instance:

        "user_id": "61e6e6b0-f147-11e5-b8b3-e03f497dbdff",
        "name": "John Smith",
        "group_id": "47f53fcc-9201-11e5-b4ef-e03f497dbdff",
        "role_id": "5b139cee-f13a-11e5-9615-e03f497dbdff",
        "is_active": true,
        "email": "",
        "timezone": "",
        "managed_groups": [
            "can_login": true,
            "login": "j.smith",
            "password": "secret",
            "authenticate_type": "password",
            "must_change_password": false,
            "valid_till": "2016-10-01T00:00:00-07:00"
            "record": "always",
            "extensions": ["12444003002"],
            "confidential": false,
            "record_direction": ["in", "out"],
            "on_demand_default": null
            "evaluation_seat": false,
            "monitoring_seat": true,
            "recording_seat": true


Field Type Description
name string User name.
user_id UUID Unique ID of user assigned by MiaRec when user is created.
role_id UUID ID of role.
group_id UUID ID of parent group object.
email string Email address.
timezone string

Timezone setting for this user. This value is used for displaying date/time values in web portal.

If it is not specified, then a timezone of parent group is used.

is_active boolean If false, then user record is disabled. Login is not permitted to that user and recording settings are ignored.
fieldset_login dictionary A group of login-related settings. See below.
fieldset_recording dictionary A group of recording-related settings. See below.
fieldset_licensing dictionary A group of licensing-related settings. See below.

Fieldset "fieldset_recording"

Field Type Description
extensions list

A list of extensions (string values) associated to this user. Extensions are used to match call recordings to users.

This list may contain more than one extension, for example, when user has multiple lines or when phone system may send user's phone number in different formats depending on call direction, like 123456789 and +123456789.

record string

Recording rule for this user.

Supported values:

  • always - Always record calls of this user
  • ondemand - User may swich on/off recording during a call (on-demand recording)
  • never - Disable recording of this user
  • default - Use default recording rule as configured on system level.
record_direction list

Direction of call.

Supported values:

  • in - Inbound call
  • out - Outbound call

In order to record both inbound and outbound calls, you need to specify both of them in a list:

["in", "out"]
on_demand_default string

When on-demand recording is enabled for this user, then this setting allows to specify what action should be applied to recording when user doesn't take any decision during a call.

Supported values:

  • keep - Keep call recording by default
  • discard - Discard call recording upon call completion.
confidential boolean Boolean value marking all calls of this user as confidential.

Fieldset "fieldset_login"

Field Type Description
can_login boolean This setting specifies whether user has rights to login to MiaRec web portal.
login string Web login name used to access MiaRec web portal.
password string

Password for accessing MiaRec web portal.

Note 1: This field is ignored when LDAP authentication is used.

Note 2: This field is not available when you retrieve user records from MiaRec database. You may optionally set this field when you create or edit user. In the later case, the password will be overwritten during record update.

authenticate_type string

Authentication type:

  • ldap - User's login credentials (login/password) are verified on LDAP server
  • password - User's login credentials (login/password) are verified against values stored in MiaRec database.
mush_change_password boolean If true then user will be asked to change own password on next login.
valid_till datetime If specified, then user cannot access MiaRec web portal after that date.

Fieldset "fieldset_licensing"

Field Type Description
recording_seat boolean If true, then recording seat license is allocated to user.
monitoring_seat boolean If true, then live monitoring seat license is allocated to user.
evaluation_seat boolean If true, then agent evaluation seat license is allocated to user.