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Add tenant

To create a new tenant account navigate to Administration -> Users Management -> Tenants and complete the following steps:

  1. Create new tenant account
  2. Create at least one group. For example, "Users".
  3. Create at least one role with appropriate permissions. For example, "Agent role". Optionally, you may create tenant admin account who will be able to manage own tenant users (reset users passwords, edit role permissions, create new groups, etc).
  4. Create users and assign extensions to them.

Extension in MiaRec is a "phone number", "phone name" and/or "broadworks user ID". If you are using Broadworks platform, then it is recommended to enter your users' broadworks ID's as extensions. For other platforms it is recommended to use users phone number as an extension. Using of phone name is recommended in cases when multiple users share the same extension and only the phone name part is unique.

Add Tenant