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7. Configure DNS SRV for SIPREC traffic

The SRV record is a Domain Name System (DNS) resource record that is used to identify servers that host specific services. Each of servers is assigned a priority and weight, which allows to use DNS SRV for failover, load balancing or both. In this guide, we use DNS SRV for failover purposes only. For load balancing, we recommend to use different architecture (decoupled).

To create DNS SRV records in Route 53:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Route 53 console, choose Hosted zones, select the domain name, and then choose Create Record Set.
  2. Choose SRV - Service locator for Type.
  3. Enter the following data into Value field:

    1 10 5080
    2 10 5080

    Here, we configure two servers with priority 1 and 2 correspondingly. In this configuration the phone platform will always use the server (priority 1) unless it is not healthy. 4. A default TTL value is ok 5. Choose Simple for Routing Policy

The following screenshot demonstrates the configuration of DNS SRV:

DNS SRV Configuration