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Release 2023-07-14

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec) (not updated)
Screen recorded (miarec_screen) (not updated)
Live Monitoring (miarec_livemon) (not updated)
Windows installer pending
Screen capture client (not updated)

Minor changes

Add passive mode fallback support to FTP storage targets

Such a fall back is required for some FTP servers that site behind NAT server and advertise its own unroutable private IP address in a response to FTP client.

FTP passive mode fallback

Add ability to configure Bulk download file limit

Such a limit is applied when user downloads multiple files as a ZIP file from the Recordings page.

A system setting Bulk download file limit is available under Administration > System > Advanced Settings:

Bulk download file limit setting

Remove Topic/keyword score from the product

Such a score has been replaced with NLP based sentiment analysis, which is more accurate.

Add ability to import recordings from raw WAV/MP3 files

The metadata (date/time, caller and called party phone number) is parsed from a filename.

Import recordings - parse filename

Enhance security

Fix issues

Fix issue with FTPS storage target when TLS explicit encryption is enabled

Fix storage target test page is not refreshing the results automatically

Fix issue with 2FA device trust is being reset in some situations

Those situation include:

  1. a browser application version on end user side changes due to a software update
  2. an impersonate functionality is used

Because of such a reset, an end user is being asked again to verify 2FA, even if user has already marked the device as trusted.

In addition to 2FA reset, the application was incorrectly sending an email notification "We noticed a login to your account from a new device" in the situations mentioned above.