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Create VoiceStream subscription

Procedure overview

The process of creating a VoiceStream subscription requires two steps:

  1. Authorize the MiaRec platform in your Five9 domain account
  2. Create VoiceStream subscription to begin streaming audio and call metadata to the MiaRec platform

Step 1. Authorize MiaRec platform in your Five9 domain account

Login to Five9 Admin Console using your existing Domain VCC credentials at

Click the VoiceStream link to create the subscription.

VoiceStream link

On the VoiceStream Subscription page, click Create button.

VoiceStream Subscription Page

In the Create Subscription dialog, select MiaRec from the Streaming Destination list:

Create Subscription Dialog

First, you need to authorize MiaRec to receive VoiceStream data in your Five9 domain. When you choose MiaRec in the previous step, the MiaRec login screen will pop up, as shown in the following screenshot:

Login Screen

If your web browser blocks the pop-up dialog, then click the "Pop-ups were blocked" icon in the web browser address bar and select Always allow pop-ups on this site and repeat the previous step (i.e. select MiaRec in the Streaming Destination list).

Always allow pop-ups on this site

Enter your MiaRec credentials on the MiaRec login pop-up. Important! These MiaRec credentials are separate from Five9 credentials.** Contact your MiaRec representative to receive such credentials.

After you log in to MiaRec portal, you will see that authorization. Click the Continue button:

Continue Button

On the next screen, you will need to accept the Five9 terms and click Proceed button:

Proceed Button

Once the authorization is completed successfully, you will see the corresponding authorization message from the MiaRec application:

Authorization Message

Close this pop-up dialog and continue to the next step of creating VoiceStream subscription.

Step 2. Create VoiceStream subscription

Choose a descriptive name for the subscription, for example, "miarec".

Select the MiaRec platform in the Streaming Destination list.

Choose the Streaming filter.

  • If you want to analyze all calls in your Five9 domain with the MiaRec platform, then select All calls in the filter.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to stream only calls of particular agents or campaigns. Select Custom filter in this case.

Click Create button.

Create Button

In the pop-up dialog, confirm the creation of the subscription:

Confirm Creation

On the VoiceStream Subscriptions page, you will see the new subscription with the status Active. It may take a minute for the status to change from Pending to Active.

VoiceStream Subscriptions Page

Now, the subscription is created and activated. Login to the MiaRec portal at to access your recordings and voice analytics data.