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Report Templates

Templates are the basis for all reports. They define a visual layout of a report, like a list of columns displayed in a report, as well as non-visual settings, like a schedule, visibility, etc.

A template configuration includes the following core elements:

  • Visual layout: A visual layout defines the summary section in the report header, a chart and a list of columns to display in a report.

Report Templates

For details on configuring the summary section, see Summary Attributes.

For details on configuring visual charts, see Charts.

For details on configuring visible columns, see Columns.

  • Visibility settings: Allows you to hide the report template from other users. For details, see Visibility settings.
  • Filtering criteria: Allows you to refine report data to show only the results that meet specific criteria. For details, see Filtering Criteria.
  • Email distribution settings: Use these settings to email an executed report as PDF or an Excel file. For details, see Send Report by Email.
  • Schedule settings: Use these settings to automatically run reports at defined intervals. For details, see Schedule.