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Integration with Polycom VVX series phones

Supported models:

  • Polycom VVX 300, 400, 500, 600, 1500

Edit Polycom XML configuration files on your provisioning server

You need to add the following settings to the XML configuration file:

    <feature.enhancedFeatureKeys feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1">


Where {MIAREC_WEB_SERVER} is your MiaRec web server address and {LOGIN} is an login of the particular user. Each user should have unique login. The login should match to the correponding configuration of user profile in MiaRec web portal (menu Administration -> User Management -> Users).

The diagram below shows how MiaRec phone services are integrated with Metaswitch platform:

Phone services integrated with Metaswitch platform


MiaRec System Log

Navigate in MiaRec web portal to Administration -> Maintenance -> System Log and check if there are any warnings/errors.

Use your web browser to simulate the hardware phone

Open in your web browser the same link as you configured in the Polycom configuration file, for example:

You should be able to login to phone services and see the recording controls.

Recording Controls

Check Polycom phone logs

By default, Polycom phone automatically uploads own log file to the provisioning system using FTP. Check that log file for any errors.

Known limitations

Polycom phones do not support wildcard SSL certificates, i.e. if your MiaRec web server uses SSL certificate for domain *, then XML application will fail to load to Polycom phone with error "SSL/TLS handshake failed".

Solution: use a single-domain SSL certificate for MiaRec web portal, for example, you can use free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.