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Evaluate call recordings


The Agent Evaluation module provides the contact center managers with a tool to evaluate and monitor agent performance. The tool can help you identify and address potential customer interaction issues, improve the contact center's productivity and performance, and increase customer satisfaction. The existing evaluation forms can be quickly customized via MiaRec's evaluation form designer.

Evaluate an agent

To evaluate an agent:

  1. Select a call recording and click the Evaluate button in the call details view.

    Evaluate Button

  2. On the Select Evaluation Form page, fill in the following fields and click Continue.

    • In the Evaluation form field, select the appropriate evaluation form.
    • In the Agent field, select the user this evaluation will be performed for (this option is required when a call is assigned to multiple agents).

    Agent Field

  3. On the Add Evaluation Report page, listen to the call recording and answer the questions in the evaluation form.

    Add Evaluation Report Page

  4. When finished, click the Save button.