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Release 2022-05-10

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec) (not updated)
Screen recorded (miarec_screen) (not updated)
Live Monitoring (miarec_livemon)
Windows installer
Screen capture client (not updated)

New features

Live monitoring from any modern web browser

With this release, end users can do live monitoring of calls from any modern web browser with WebRTC support on any OS (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS). No need to install Live Player application anymore.

Details: Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring

Sentiment Analysis

MiaRec application calculates a sentiment score for all call recordings and presents it in a portal for quick review and search. A score is calculated separately for agent and customer sides.

Sentiment Analysis

Highly negative and positive sentences are highlighted in a transcription to speed-up review process.

Negative and Positive sentences Highlight

Users can search through all calls using a sentiment score:

Search By Sentiment Score

Added Azure Speech-To-Text Engine support

We added a support of Azure Speech-to-Text engine, that can be used as an alternative to Google and MiaRec's proprietary engines.

Minor changes

Added "REGEX", "AFTER" and "REPEATS" operators to Topics/Keyword expression syntax, remove "MATCHES" operator

Fix issues

Fixed the issue with deleting calls that have associated keywords/topics

Fixed the issue with editing an existing evaluation report when the original form was modified and sections have been removed