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Understanding user roles and permissions

MiaRec software provides role-based access control feature with granular permissions. Each user account is associated with one role. And each role is configured with a set of permissions.

Role Based Access Control

Each role is associated with a set of permissions, which are granted to users of this role. Permissions include such privileges like "Configure System", "Configure Users", "Playback calls", "Delete calls" etc.

Set of Permissions

By default the following roles are pre-created in MiaRec system, but administrator may create new roles or modify existing ones:

Root Administrator

Users of this role have unlimited access to system.


Users of this role have a set of permissions as configured by Root Administrator. By default users of type Administrator can create/edit other user accounts.


Supervisor has access to call recordings, which are associated with users in his/her managed group(s). They cannot create/edit other user accounts.


Agents have access to own call recordings only.