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Configure MiaRec

On the MiaRec web portal,navigate to the Administration -> System Configuration -> Recording Interfaces menu.

Next to Cisco Built-in-Bridge recording interface, click Configure.

Configure MiaRec

On the Configure Recording Interface page, provide the following setting:

Option Description
Signaling UDP port and Signaling TCP port These port values should be set to the same values as configured in step Create a SIP Trunk that points to the recorder
Begin RTP port range and End RTP port range RTP port range should be set to the values that do not conflict with other recording interfaces or other networking applications running on the same host as MiaRec application. Make sure that the port range is large enough for anticipated number of concurrently recorded calls. One concurrent call requires two UDP ports to receive media streams from the agent's phone.
Public Ip-address Public IP address if MiaRec server is located behind NAT. Make sure that port forwarding is configured properly on your NAT router. If MiaRec server is not behind NAT, then leave this parameter empty.
No-Audio Begin Timeout This timeout value specifies how long to wait for the first RTP media packet before giving up.
No-Audio Normal Timeout In case of RTP transmission stop, this timeout value specifies how long to wait for RTP restoration before forcibly completing the call recording.

Configure Recording Interface