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Topic analysis

MiaRec analyzes call transcripts to identify topics of conversation, like "Service cancellation", "Escalation to manager", "Credit card declined", "Issue with phone", "Reschedule appointment", etc.

How it works

Topic analysis is based on keyword spotting.

Keyword spotting, a subset of speech analytics, is the ability of a monitoring system to recognize predefined words and phrases in interactions.

For example, you are interested in knowing when customers use the word "frustrated" or other words during an interaction with one of your agents. You define the keywords in the MiaRec application and then put it into operation.

Examples of keywords / phrases:

  • "frustrated"
  • "upset"
  • "cancel my account"
  • "angry"
  • "you're not listening"

MiaRec identifies who spoke the spotted keywords, agent or customer. Some keywords may have different value or even meaning depending of who, agent or customer, speaks them. For example, phrases like "thank you so much", "excellent", "fabulous" are more valued if they are spoken by customer rather than by agent, who is trained to be polite during a call.

MiaRec shows the spotted keywords above the transcription as well as highlights them within a transcription.

Keyword spotting

Topic extraction

A topic is a set of similar or related keywords that fall into the same category. For example, a topic "Repeated calls" may consist of phrases like "called before", "called twice", "called last week", "never heard back" etc.

Examples of topics:

  • Upset customer
  • Account cancellation
  • Repeated calls

View topics in call details

To see the extracted topics, open the call details and navigate to Transcript tab.

Topic analysis