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Release 2024-04-30

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb) 2024.3.11.0 (not updated)
Recorder (miarec) 2024.4.5.0
Screen recorded (miarec_screen) 2024.4.5.0
Live Monitoring (miarec_livemon) (not updated)
Screen capture client (not updated)

Minor changes

Add support of Ubuntu 20.04/22.04, RedHat/RockyLinux 8/9

Add support of "sip-header-invite" attribute in recording filters for SIPREC calls

Return SIP 503 error code instead of 500 when service is not available

Add support of Twilio Flex-specific metadata

Twilio Flex attributes that are recognized from SIPREC INVITE message:

  • X-Twilio-AccountSid (SIP header)
  • X-Twilio-CallSid (SIP header)
  • CalledPartyNumber (Extension parameter in XML metadata)
  • CalledPartyName (Extension parameter in XML metadata)
  • CallingPartyNumber (Extension parameter in XML metadata)
  • CallingPartyName (Extension parameter in XML metadata)
  • CallDirection (Extension parameter in XML metadata)

In recordig filters, the following attributes are available:

  • Twilio-accountSid
  • Twilio-calledPartyNumber
  • Twilio-callingPartyNumber

Improve handling of update of participants list for Microsoft Teams integration

Upgrade to Avaya TSAPI 64-bit SDK

Improve robustness of Avaya TSAPI integration under certains conditions (network failure, etc.)

Add Avaya TSAPI support of Linux (deprecated)

Fix issues

Fix a minor issue in Cisco Built-in-bridge recording interface

Fix a false positive warning "Reload of configuration failed" on Windows