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Release 2020.06.08

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec)
Screen Recorder (miarec_screen)
Windows installer

New features:

  • Add support of 2-step verification (aka Two Factor Authentication / 2FA) using SMS, Email or Authy service:

Two Factor Authentication

  • Add support of Telex multicast radio recording (under Administration > System > Recording Interfaces):

Telex multicast radio recording

  • Add support notification of user by email when a login from a new device is detected using the user's credentials

Minor changes:

  • [REST API] Return transcript_plain_side_1 and transcript_plain_side_2 in call attributes
  • Add support of Enhanced phone model to Google transcription integration

Google transcription integration

  • Add support of speaker diarization (detecting speakers in a mono file) to Google transcript integration (this feature is still in beta)

Speaker diarization

  • Add support of bulk edit tenants:

Support of bulk edit tenants

  • Add support of storage target testing:

Storage target testing

Storage target testing

  • If timezone is not specified for tenant or user, then a system's default timezone is used. Previously, it was using server's timezone instead of system's one.
  • Add support of remote storage targets to fix_noncompleted_calls maintenance script
  • Initial computer login is shown for screen capture workstation. It helps an administrator to identify new workstations.

Initial computer loging

Fix issues:

  • [REST API] Fix issue with REST API: A returned "next_url" parameter was incorrect when advanced search was used.
  • Fix issue with SAML 2.0 integration with Google G Suite
  • Fix issue with OneLogin SAML 2.0 integration
  • Fix "mark call as completed" for WAV file format