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Save search criteria


You can save the advanced search criteria so that you can reuse them in the future.

The saved searches are shown in the left pane, from where you can load them in one click.

Saved Searches Quick Access

To save the advanced search criteria:

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Search page.
  2. Enter the search criteria and click Save Search.

    Save Search

  3. On the Add Saved Search page, specify the following parameters:

    • Name - provide the unique name
    • Visibility - decide whether you want to share this search with all users or use it privately only.
    • Refine your search criteria, if needed.

    Add Saved Search

  4. Click Save.

To manage a saved search, click the Manage Saved Searches link in the left-side pane.

Manage Saved Search

On the Saved Searches page, you can add, edit or delete the existing saved searches.

Saved Searches Page