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Release 2021-03-10

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec) (not updated)
Screen Recorder (miarec_screen) (not updated)
Windows installer not released yet

New features

  • Add support of restricting access to web portal by ip-address. Such rules are configured on Role profile.

Support of restricting access to web portal by ip-address

Minor changes

  • Add Storage Limits and Usage columns to Tenant Call Summary report

Storage Limits and Usage columns

  • Add generic "Call Summary" report that can be run across all tenants

"Call Summary" report

  • Add "Tenant details" report

"Tenant details" report

  • Add ability to search users using attributes Has calls for period and No calls for period:

Search users using attributes

  • Increase maximum length limit for Storage Target SSH private key. Now, it is possible to use keys of size 4096-bits.
  • Improvements to replication process when the incoming replication token is limited to a single tenant

Fix issues

  • Fix issue, which prevented users from manual deleting of system logs (under Administration -> Maintenance -> System Logs).
  • Ignore "searchResRef" object when synchronizing users with Active Directory. Now, a synchronization job completes with "success" result rather than confusing "failed" state.