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Release 2019.08.06

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec)
Screen recording controller (miarec_screen)
Screen recording capture client
Windows installer not released yet

Major changes

  • [Screen recording] Changed the authorization mechanism for screen recording. Previously, a computer/login pair had to be authorized. Now, only the computer has to be authorized. A known user, who logs into the authorized computer, is automatically authorized. This new authorization mechanism is especially useful in "free seating" environment, where users may change computers from time to time. With old mechanism, an administrator had to authorize screen recording every time users change computer, which was not user friendly. The application has new menu "Screen Capture Workstations":

Screen Recording

  • [Screen recording] Added "Screen recording login" attribute to user's profile:

Screen Recording Login

Minor changes

  • [Screen recording] Improve performance of the upload process by using a configurable upload chunk size.

Upload Process

  • [Screen recording] Add configurable settings for reconnect time for pending authorization and forbidden statuses. Increase reconnect time value from 1 minute to 5-30 minutes + add randomness.

Reconnect time

  • Add support of advanced search of users in the admin portal:

Advanced search of users

  • [Screen recording] Disabled SSL v.3 and TLS v1.0 protocols in Capture Client -> Controller communication. These protocols are declared out-dated and insecure. Although, MiaRec doesn't send any sensitive data within the Capture Client -> Controller channel. This change was driven by "false positive alarms" of PCI scanners, which scan all opened TCP/TLS ports and report noncompliance.
  • [web portal] Show all available timezones in the settings. Previously, only the common time zones were displayed. For example, "America/Montreal" was not included.
  • Improve performance of search operations when many text-to-speech transcriptions are stored in the system.
  • Improve robustness of file relocation process when file is moved to another location via SFTP to a different partition on the same server ("rename" operation does not work in this case, we need to use "copy/remove" instead)
  • [Screen recording] Display video file loading progress bar for better user experience

Video file loading progress bar

Fixed issues

  • [Minor] Fix storing of call details into database when call is ignored by recording filters and the logging for the ignored calls is enabled. Previously, the ignored calls were captured with empty caller-ids.
  • [Screen recording] Do not capture screen when user's session is locked.
  • [Screen recording] Add support of monitor resolution with non-even dimensions.
  • [Screen recording] Recreate new client pending authorization record in database after the record was deleted manually by an administrator. Previously, it required a restart of the controller service.
  • Fix issue in "create_root_user" script when duplicate groups exist in the system.
  • Process gracefully errors with audio convert script, for example when audio file is corrupted/encrypted. Previously, such issue would abort a job processing. Now, it reports the error and continues to the next record.
  • Fix various issues with speech-to-text replication job