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At a glance

This page provides a quick introduction to the MiaRec application.

At the top of the page, you will find the Navigation and My Profile menus.

Navigation Menu

This toolbar displays navigation buttons you can use to access the following sections:

  • Dashboard. Provides call metrics for your entire organization.
  • Recordings. Allows you to access call recordings.
  • QA. Provides quality assurance (QA) metrics for your entire contact center.
  • Reports. Allows you to build and run custom reports.
  • Administration. Gives you access to administration settings and configurations.


Some sections may not be available to you due to the permissions and licensing set up by the administrator.

My Profile menu

The user profile menu provides quick access to your account settings, like language, time zone, email address and others. For details, see My profile.

My Profile Menu

Wide view

The Wide view link in the top right corner allows you to change the width of the content on a page. This option is useful for tabular data like the Recordings page, where many columns could be displayed on a page.

Wide View

To switch back to a normal view, click the Normal view link in the top right corner.

Switch to Normal View

Call recording view tabs

The tabs All calls, Active calls, My calls and others on the Recordings page provide quick access to the call recordings that meet the respective criteria, like "active calls only", "my calls only", and so on. For details, see Recordings Overview.

Recording Views

Search for specific calls

To search call recordings by parameters like date range, user and phone number, use the search panel. For details, see the Quick Search and Advanced Search sections.

Search Parameters

Playback recordings

To playback a call recording, click the respective call in a list and use a built-in media player to listen to the recording.

Playback a Call

Click More details or Open in new window buttons to switch to a detailed view of call recording, and playback it in an advanced media player. Such an advanced media player displays an audio waveform, which allows you to see visually the moments of silence or overtalk in a conversation. For details, see Playback recordings.

Advanced Media Player

Monitor calls in real-time

As a supervisor, you can monitor employees’ calls in real-time to guide and support agents to deliver optimum customer service. For details, see Monitor a recorded call in real-time.

Live Monitor a Call

Create notes for call recordings

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can view and optionally add new notes for call recordings. This way, you can easily find the relevant call recordings by any keyword within the notes. For details, see Add notes to a recorded call.

Add Notes

MiaRec groups all related calls into a single interaction to create a complete picture of customer communication with your agents. If the call segment is a part of a longer interaction, then a corresponding badge is shown to the right of the call details (for example, 1/3 means this call segment is the first in the interaction that consists of 3 segments). When you open call details, you can see the other segments in a timeline.

View a multi-segment call inline

To playback all the call segments at once, open More details for the call and navigate to the Interaction tab. For details, see View multi-segment calls.

View multi-segment calls

Tag call recordings

You can assign tags to call recordings to organize and categorize them. To do so, select one or more recordings, click the Tags button, select the target tag from the list and click Apply.

Tag Recordings

To quickly filter the recordings by tag, navigate to the By Tag view and select the target tag from the list on the left. For details, see Categorize call recordings.

Filter By Tag

Transcription and speech analytics

The MiaRec application can automatically transcribe call recordings, analyze them for sentiment, extract keywords and categorize calls into topics

View call transcript

To search call recordings by transcript text:

  1. On the Recodings page, click the Advanced Search tab.
  2. In the Select a parameter field, choose Call - Transcript.
  3. Type the text you are interested to search for, and click Search.

Search using transcript

This concludes an introduction section to the MiaRec platform. In the next chapters, we will discuss each of these topics in detail.