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Release 2019.01.22

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec) (not updated)
Windows installer not released yet

New features

  • Add "Email integration" settings (SMTP). At the moment, it is used for reseting user's password by email. In the next releases, we add more features, like email notification of various events/errors.

Email integration settings

  • Email text message can be customized using templates

Message Templates

  • The ability of resetting passwords by email is controlled by Password Policies on system as well as tenant levels (menu Administration -> User Authentication -> Password Policy, or on tenant profile)

Password Policy

  • Add "Execution time limit", "Keep alive timeout" and "Timezone" advanced parameters to jobs

    Timezone applies to:

    • Cron schedule (previously, it was using local system time)
    • Datetime in SQL queries (search by date)
    • Datetime in filename format

Advanced Paramters

  • Show a list of active web sessions in UI. Administrator can forcibly terminate any of user sessions

Active Web Sessions

  • Add role permissions "User Web sessions" and "Phone Service Sessions

Role Permissions

Role Permissions

Minor changes

  • Improve handling of scheduled jobs: do not create new entry in job history with a status "Ignored" when scheduler tries to run a job that is still in progress.
  • Improve display of job status. Previously, a job status could show a misleading status "Completed" while in reality some errors have been encountered during execution, like 1 file out of 1,000 could not be exported. The encountered errors were stated in the Job run details though. In this release, a high-level job status shows "Failed" when at least one critical error is encountered.
  • Improve performance when displaying System Logs
  • Improve user experience when user logs into web portal: ignore trailing whitespace characters around login/password values

Fix issues

  • Fix incorrect calculation of "Total Execution Time" for job runs that are terminated with error