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The MiaRec Reports section has the following structure:

  • Recent Reports - lists the reports that were recently created in MiaRec.
  • My Reports - lists only those reports that you have created.
  • All Reports - lists all available reports.
  • Global Reports - lists the reports that are accessible to all tenants within MiaRec environment. Note, this node is available in a multi-tenant environment only.


To mark the report as global, set the Visibility option as Global when creating a new report template.

Mark Report As Global

You can access each report group via the Reports navigation tree or clicking a specific group on the Reports home page.

Access Report Groups

View Report

You can open the most recently executed version of a report by clicking the report name or the View button next to the report.

View Report

Delete Report

You can delete any report that you created, or any report that you have the permission to delete.

To delete a report, select the check box next to the report of your choice and click Delete.

Delete Report