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Soft Key Integration Guide

MiaRec integrates with various phone models to provide the following features:

  • On-demand recording - Users may use their phones to switch on/off recording during an active call.
  • Pause/resume recording - Users may use their phones to pause recording for a short period of time. For example, when processing credit card transactions over the phone, a user may pause recording before a customer says the credit card information. Such feature allows to comply with PCI requirements.

The following images display example of integration with various phone models.

Cisco 7900 series softphone:

Cisco 7900 series softphone

Polycom VVX400 phone:

Polycom VVX400 phone

Cisco SPA504G phone:

Cisco SPA504G phone

Yealink T46S phone:

Yealink T46S phone

Mitel 6800i Series phone:

Mitel 6800i Series phone