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CUCM - Route pattern

Use the Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Route Pattern menu option in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to create a route pattern for the MiaRec announcement player SIP trunk:

  • Route Pattern should match to the directory number associated with MiaRec announcement player. This DN is used to reach the SIP Trunk of MiaRec announcement player. The latter will automatically answer incoming calls made to this DN and playback the recording announcement player. No user is going to directly call this number manually. Make sure it does not collide with your numbering plan. This is why the example shows '7788'.
  • Set Route partition to the partition that includes the user phones.
  • In Gateway/Route List, **** select the SIP trunk that points to the announcement player.

Route pattern

Verify SIP Trunk configuration

If the MiaRec announcement player is running, then you should be able to dial from your phone the configured directory number (7788 in above example). You should hear the announcement message and then the call should hanghup automatically.

In the next steps, you will configure the controller component, which will automatically route calls to this directory number based on various criteria, like "outbound only" or "matching phone prefix", etc.