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6. Verification

This section provides the tests that can be performed to verify proper configuration of Avaya Communication Manager, Avaya Application Enablement Services and MiaRec call recording application.

6.1. Verify Avaya Communication Manager

On Avaya Communication Manager, verify the status of the administered CTI links by using the "status aesvcs cti-link" command. The link status should show "no" for maintenance busy (Mnt Busy) and the Service State should indicate "established".

status aesvcs cti-link

                          AE SERVICES CTI LINK STATUS

CTI   Version  Mnt   AE Services      Service       Msgs     Msgs
Link           Busy  Server           State         Sent     Rcvd

1     4        no    aes-server1      established   15       15

The "status aesvcs interface" command should indicate the interface is listening.

status aesvcs interface

                          AE SERVICES INTERFACE STATUS

Local Node        Enabled?  Number of     Status

procr             yes       1             listening

The "status aesvcs link" command will indicate the number of messages sent from, and received at the CLAN interface (or procr), to and from Avaya Application Enablement Services, including maintenance traffic.

status aesvcs link

                            AE SERVICES LINK STATUS

Srvr/  AE Services     Remote IP        Remote  Local Node      Msgs    Msgs
Link   Server                           Port                    Sent    Rcvd

01/01  aes-server1        43909   procr           224     209

Once the MiaRec call recording application is running, the "list monitored-station" command will show each station, which is monitored by MiaRec via TSAPI interface.

list monitored-station

                            MONITORED STATION

  Station     Association 1    Association 2    Association 3    Association 4
  Ext         CTI Link  CRV    CTI Link  CRV    CTI Link  CRV    CTI Link  CRV
  -------     -------------    -------------    -------------    -------------
32129          1          10
32130          1           9
32131          1          22
32132          1           7

6.2. Verify Avaya Application Enablement Services

On Application Enablement Services, verify the status of the switch connection by selecting Status -> Status and Control -> Switch Conn Summary from the left pane. Verify that the Conn State is “Talking” for the switch connection associated with Avaya Communication Manager, and that the Associations column reflects the total number of monitored skill groups and agent stations as configured previously.

Verify Avaya Application Enablement Services

Verify the status of the TSAPI link by selecting Status -> Status and Control -> TSAPI Service Summary from the left pane. Verify the Conn Status is “Talking” as shown below.

TSAPI Service Summary

Verify the status of the CTI User by selecting Status -> Status and Control -> TSAPI Service Summary from the left pane. Click the User Status button (not shown below). The CTI User Status screen is displayed. Verify that an open session exists for the CTI user created for MiaRec as shown below. This verification step assumes that MiaRec application is configured properly and running.

Verify Status of CTI User

6.3. Verify TSAPI device monitoring status in MiaRec

Navigate in the MiaRec web interface to Administration -> System -> Recording Interfaces and click the Status link for the Avaya TSAPI interface.

Recording Interfaces

In the Avaya TSAPI status screen, click the View TSAPI monitored devices link for the appropriate recorder instance (the screenshot below shows one instance).

Avaya TSAPI status

In the Avaya TSAPI monitored devices screen, verify the status of the monitored devices. If any of devices shows a failed state, then click the extension link in that window to see the detailed error message.

Avaya TSAPI monitored devices

The error message describes the actual reasons of failure. Read the message and apply appropriate corrections. For example, the message in the following screenshot says that device identifier (extension) is not valid. In this case, remove this extension from the Monitored Phones list in configuration.

Failure Reason

If the Avaya TSAPI monitored devices screen shows none of devices (neither successfully monitored nor failed), then probably the TSAPI link connection is not established to AES server. In this case, navigate to Administration -> Maintenance -> System Log and check any error messages. The screenshot below shows that the TSAPI login/password is invalid. Make the appropriate corrections to the configuration.

System Log

6.4. Check MiaRec trace log

MiaRec provides detailed logging for troubleshooting purposes. Navigate to Administration -> Maintenance -> Troubleshooting to enable log in MiaRec.