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Group object fields

Example of JSON representation:

        "tenant_id": "34c7f1f6-9201-11e5-a739-e03f497dbdff",
        "name": "Administrators",
        "timezone": null,
        "group_id": "34cbea90-9201-11e5-a932-e03f497dbdff"
Field Type Description
name string Group name.
group_id UUID Unique ID of group assigned by MiaRec when group is created.
tenant_id UUID ID of parent tenant object. This field is available only when multi-tenancy is enabled in MiaRec.
timezone string

Timezone setting for all users within this group. This value is used for displaying date/time values to users.

If it is not specified, then a timezone of parent tenant is used. If timezone is not configured on tenant level, then default system timezone is used.