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Release 2023-04-03

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec)
Screen recorded (miarec_screen) (not updated)
Live Monitoring (miarec_livemon) (not updated)
Windows installer pending
Screen capture client (not updated)

New features

Allow tenant administrators to configure and run various jobs, like Topic Extraction, Data Redaction, Auto-Scoring

Such permissions can be granted to users in their role profile:

Job permissions

Add call attributes to MQL expression syntax

Now, the following queries are supported for Topic extraction, data redaction and auto scoring:

  • "problem" AND $duration > "5:00"
  • $sentiment-label = "very-negative" AND $topic = "Order cancellation"
  • etc.

Add Named Entity Recognition

Such entities as person names, organization names, digits, time, date, and geographical locations are extracted from a transcript and are shown to end-user for convenience.

Named Entity Recognition

Add support of Named Entity Recognition (NER) labels in MQL syntax

For example, an auto data redaction task can remove all person names from the transcript and audio file to stay compliant with HIPAA.

Data redaction with NER

Add Row Limit setting to Reports

With such a setting, it is possible to create reports like "Top 10 negative calls for yesterday" and deliver such a report by email every morning.

Report Row Limit

Add "auto" file format

When auto file format is selected, the recorder selects the WAV file format (uncompressed) for the users, whose calls will be transcribed for voice analytics purposes. Such a file format provides the best accuracy in transcription. For other users, for whom transcription is not enabled, the recorder selects the MP3 file format to save disk space.

Auto file format

Add per-tenant MP3 bitrate setting

MP3 bitrate can be configured on per-tenant basis.

Per-tenant MP3 bitrate setting

Minor changes

Add --after-date command line parameter to find_unlicensed_calls script

Enforce the "Verify it's you" step when users change their own password, language or timezone

Add support for searching calls by sentiment label

Search by sentiment label

Add support for displaying the Sentiment Label column in the Recordings list

Sentiment label column

Add the Sentiment Label and Score columns to the Call Details Summary reports

Sentiment label columns in the Call Details report

Add the Sentiment Label and Score columns to the Call Summary reports

Sentiment label columns in the Call Summary report

In such situations, users will be asked to provide a 2FA verification code or re-enter their password.

Improve the accuracy of Inverse Text Normalizations

The phrases like "hold on a second" and "one moment" are excluded from normalization, i.e. they are not transformed to "hold on a 2nd" or "1 moment".

Fix issues

Fix a problem with REST API /roles endpoint when IP-address restrictions settings are configured for the retrieved roles

Fix the issue with searching and paginating through Audit Trail records

Fix the issue with incorrect call metrics on the Sentiment Dashboard

A total number of very negative calls can be less than zero if call recordings have been deleted from the system.