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Audit Trail Details Report


An Audit Trail Details Report is a non-call based report, which lists the activities of a system user performed in MiaRec. The report contains information on the type of activity, the user that performed the activity, the date and time, etc. You can customize available columns and apply filtering criteria to view a subset of the log records that satisfy your needs.

Audit Trails Details Report

Column Descriptions

Column Name Description
Audit - ID The audit event ID
Audit - Date/Time

Date and time when the audit event occurred

Example: Nov 17, 2021, 2:07 PM

Audit - Initiator (User) The user who performed the logged action
Audit - Resource

Resource that is associated with the logged action

Example: Calls, Users, Reports, etc.

Audit - Action

The logged action name

Example: Login

Audit - Details

Description of the action that took place in the audit event

Example: Action send_email on resource reports

Audit - Date

Date when the audit event occurred

Example: Nov 17, 2021

Audit - Time

Time when the audit event occurred

Example: 2:07 PM

Audit - Application

MiaRec component that is associated with the audit event

Example: web, celery

Audit - Initiator IP

IP of the user who performed the action


Audit - Tenant Name of the tenant associated with the user. Applicable for a multi-tenant configuration.
Audit - User Group(s) Name of the group the user belongs to
Audit - Related To

Reference to data associated with a given action

Example: d67fcacc-617c-4f3e-b507-d3415680bd0b (reports)

Audit - Data The full log message
Audit - Modified Data Data that was modified by a given action
# of rows Number of rows in the output report

Filtering Audit Logs By User/Group/Tenant

When filtering the audit trail messages by a specific user, the report will include:

  • all actions performed by a given user
  • all actions performed by other users against this user’s profile

The same logic applies when filtering the audit logs by group/tenant or role.