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VMWare OVA template-based installation

MiaRec OVA template is a pre-installed virtual machine with operating system (Centos 7.3 64-bit) and MiaRec call recording software.

This OVF template is ideal solution for trial. It is easy to import it into VMWare ESX/ESXi or VMWare Workstation.

1. Request URL to OVA template

To request URL to OVA template, please contact your MiaRec representative.

You need this URL for the next step.

2. Installation instructions for VMWare ESXi

Login to ESXi via VMWare vCenter Client.

From the menu select File -> Deploy OVF Template...

Inside the opened dialog enter the URL to OVA file, which you received from the MiaRec representative.

Choose a name for this VM, select the desirable disk format (we commend "Thin provisioning" for trial and "Thick provisioning" for production deployment) and click "Finish" to start deploying of the virtual machine.

3. Console/ssh access to the MiaRec server

Login to console as a root user. A default password is miarec

It is highly recommended to change a root password as soon as possible. Login to the system as a root and type the following command to change own password:


4. Determining the MiaRec ip-address (when using DHCP)

Login to MiaRec virtual machine as root and execute:

ip a

It will show the ip-address assigned to the first network interface. User that ip-address to access MiaRec web-portal or SSH.

5. MiaRec web portal access

You need to know the ip-address of virtual machine (see the above step).

Type in the web-browser the URL http://VM-IP-ADDRESS

You will be asked to create the admin account if you access the web portal the first time.

6. Trial license

You need to request 30-day trial license for MiaRec call recorder. Open MiaRec web-portal and go to menu Administration -> Maintenance -> Recording License. Click on "Edit license" link. You will see "Computer Id" value. Send it to to receive a trial license code.

7. Multi-tenant mode [optional]

Navigate to menu Administration -> Customization -> Multitenancy to enable multi-tenancy in MiaRec.

8. Configure network

By default, the MiaRec OVA template is configured with DHCP. For testing purposes, you can keep using DHCP-based network configuration. For a production environment, we recommend to configure static ip-address as described below.

Assign static ip-address (if not using DHCP)

By default MiaRec virtual machine is configured to obtain own ip-address from DHCP server. If you would like to use static ip-address for MiaRec VM, then edit file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens33

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens33

Change BOOTPROTO=dhcp to BOOTPROTO=none and add the following lines to this file:


Replace x.x.x.x and y.y.y.y with desired machine ip-address and gateway.

Restart network interface:

service network restart

Test the network connection:


Update /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts

If you would like to access MiaRec web-portal via dns name rarther than ip-address, then edit files /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts.

Example of /etc/sysconfig/network

Example of /etc/hosts      localhost

Restart network:

service network restart

Restart MiaRec recorder service

If the network configuration is updated, then you need to restart miarec recorder service:

service miarec restart