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Recordings overview

The Recordings page has tabs All Calls, Active Calls, My Calls and others, that provide quick access to the recordings that meet the respective criteria like "active calls only", "my calls only", and so on.

Call Recording Views

MiaRec supports the following views:

  • All calls - Displays all the call recordings (including active ones). Note, depending on your role permissions and the access scope, not all call recordings might be accessible to you.
  • Active calls - Displays the in-progress call recordings.
  • My calls - Displays call recordings associated with the currently logged-in user.
  • By user - Displays call recordings by a group or user.
  • By client - Displays call recordings by a client. For details, see Filter calls by a client.
  • Unassigned calls - Displays call recordings that are not assigned to any user; this view is visible to administrators only.
  • By tag - Displays call recordings by a tag. For details, see Categorize call recordings.
  • Advanced search - Provides access to an advanced search form. For details, see Advanced search.


Each view may have a different set of visible columns, which are configured by an administrator.