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Participant object fields

Each call has at least 2 call participants (caller and called party). Conference calls may have more than 2 participants (such scenarios are not supported at the moment, but may be added in future).

Call participants are represented as JSON objects with the following attributes:

Field Type Description
participant_id string

Unique participant id

It is unique only within a scope of this call instance.

join_time datetime

Date/time when the participant joined the call.

Format is ISO8601 with timezone, for example, 2014-06-10T13:45:51+0800

leave_time datetime Date/time when the participant left the call
user_id string

If such call participant is known to MiaRec, then user_id field points to existing MiaRec user account.

This is field can be null when participant is not know

party_direction integer

Participant direction:

  • 0 - UNKNOWN
  • 1 - CALLER
  • 2 - CALLED
party_type integer

Participant type:

  • 0 - UNKNOWN
  • 1 - AGENT
  • 2 - GATEWAY





Name, number and id of participant.

These values are provided by phone system