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CUCM - SIP Trunk

Use the Device > Trunk menu option in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to create a SIP trunk that points to the MiaRec announcement player.

  • Choose a descriptive name.
  • Set Device Pool to the same pool as used for phones themselves.
  • Ensure that the Media Termination Point Required check box is unchecked.
  • Select the Run On All Active Unified CM Nodes check box.

SIP Trunk

In Call Routing Information -> Inbound Calls section, please configure:

  • Set Calling Search Space to the CSS that contains the user phones

Calling Search Space

In SIP Information section, configure the following:

  • Destination Address should point to ip-address or DNS name of the MiaRec announcement player.
  • Destination Port should match the port on which MiaRec announcement player is listening for messages from CUCM.
  • Select the previously created SIP Trunk Security Profile for the announcement player.
  • Select the previously created SIP Profile for the announcement player.

SIP Information