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Test Expression

The Test Expression page allows you to test the expression rule on real call recordings without altering the original transcript and audio file.


To test the expression rule:

  1. On the Data Redaction page, navigate to the existing data redaction rule and click Test Expressions.

    Test Expressions

  2. On the Step 1 tab, select a call, on which you want to test your expression. You can apply filtering criteria to quickly find the target call recording.

    Select Call

  3. On the Step 2 tab, apply the desired changes to the expression rules, if necessary and click Test rule to run a simulated data redaction process.

    Test Rule

  4. Review the results of the redaction for any mistakes and adjust the rule as necessary. Hover over the redacted text to see what rule was applied.

    Example 2 Redacted

When you are satisfied with the results, click the Save or Save and close button to save the redaction rule, if it was edited.

We recommend testing rules on multiple call recordings to confirm that rule covers a variability of spoken language.