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Translate MiaRec to other language

MiaRec offers internationalization and localization of user interface. If you would like to edit existing translation or create translation for new language, you can use POEdit application or any other application supporting gettext *.po file format.

First, you need to contact MiaRec team and ask for *.po file for your language.

Once you have PO file, open it in POEdit application and translate english phrases to your language. When finished, send the PO file back to MiaRec team for inclusion into distributive.

You need to know a few formats, which are used in MiaRec to represent text:

  1. Text within ${ } brackets should be kept AS IS (not translated). These are placeholders, which will be replaced with appropriate values when displaying in UI. For example, text User ${name} may be displayed in UI as User David

    POEdit Editor

  2. Text starring with # (hash) symbol has special meaning. It doesn't not need to be translated word-by-word. It is used to distinguish words, which have the same writing, but different meaning. For example, word "from" may be used together with date value or as label for "caller party". In PO file you will find "# From [date]" and "# From [party]", which are both displayed in English as "From", but in other languages it may require different translations, for example, in Spanish they are translated to "desde" and "Llamador" correspondingly. Pay attention to notes in the right bottom corner of POEdit application.

POEdit Editor