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MiaRec automatically transcribes voice into text, allowing users to quickly review the transcription and search for keywords or phrases.

View transcript in call details

To view a call transcript, open call details and navigate to Transcript tab.


Under Recordings > Advanced Search, you can select Call - Transcript parameter to search the conversations using text.

Search in transcript

Inline comments

You can select a portion of transcript with a mouse to add an inline comment.

Add inline comment

Such inline comments are very useful for providing feedback an agent. After reviewing the comment, the agent can click Reply button and write an answer to the reviewer.

Reply to inline comment

Reply to inline comment

Download a transcript

To save a transcript as a text file onto your computer, click Download transcript button in the right top corner of the transcript.

You can choose to save the transcript with or without timestamps.

Download transcript

Highlight spoken word during playback

When you playback a recording, you will see the spoken words highlighted in the transcript, allowing you to easily follow the heard audio and transcript.

Highlight spoken words

Click in transcript to fast forward audio

You can click on any word in a transcript to fast forward an audio player to that moment. You will hear what was spoken at that time in the conversation.

Such a handy feature significantly speeds up the review process.

Click in transcript to fast forward audio

Review transcript during an agent evaluation

When doing an agent evaluation manually, you can open the Transcript tab to view the call transcript.

With such a transcript, you save significant amount of time during the review process. Most of the time, you don't even need listen to the call to answer simple questions like "Did the agent introduce themselves?".

View transcript during manual evaluation


A call transcript is a key feature in the MiaRec product.

It is useful on its own, but more importantly, a transcript is used as a source for other AI-powered analytic tools in the MiaRec application, like Call Summarization, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Analysis, AI Insights extraction and Auto QA (agent evaluation).