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Release 2020.08.04

Component Version
Web portal (miarecweb)
Recorder (miarec) (not updated)
Windows installer not released yet

New feature: Advanced reporting (feature preview)

This release includes a preview of new (advanced) reporting engine. At the moment, it includes a single canned report "Calls per Group w/ Direction". We will add more reports soon.

Important. To enable new report engine, navigate to Administration -> System -> Advanced Settings and enable Advanced Reports feature.

Enable new report engine

After that, you will be able to see advanced reports under Reports -> Advanced reports.

Advanced reports

The existing "Calls per Group w/Direction" report supports a drill-down. It displays data on multiple levels:

  • Call summary for all groups
  • Call summary of all users within a particular group
  • Daily call summary of a particular user
  • Daily call summary of a particular group

A few sample screenshots:

Calls per Group w/Direction report

Calls per Group w/Direction report

Calls per Group w/Direction report

Key features:

  • Reports are built asynchronously in a background job. End user sees a progress while report is being generated. A legacy report engine was not able to generate report that takes more than 60 seconds to build. Users may see "Gateway timeout" issue when a heavy report is being generated. A new report engine can build heavy reports easily:


  • Reports can be built by schedule, for example, every night. End users can open the pre-built report and view it instantly without waiting for its generation in real-time. In one of the next releases, we will allow users to schedule a delivery of the pre-built reports by email.

Reports built by schedule

  • Filtering criteria are supported for the report. For example, the following screenshot shows a scenario when a report includes only the inbound calls with a duration more than 5 minutes:

Filtering Criteria

  • Export to PDF

Export to PDF

  • Export to Excel

Export to Excel

Minor changes:

  • User must re-authenticate himself using two step verification if he wants to disable 2FA for own profile

Fix issues:

  • Fix the error, that occurred during editing of Google Recaptcha settings